Vertigo Entertainment

Studio Logo - Concept
In working on the design for Vertigo Entertainment’s theatrical logo, I was consumed by the idea of light. This natural agent stimulates sight and makes things visible. Conceptually the production company does just that, takes big ideas and illuminates them to life.

Role ︎
Concept Design

Design ︎

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Look 01  ︎


The human eye is naturally attracted to light and contrast, using these elements I created a simple 3d scene with letterforms illuminating the environment. Playing with brightness and distance I reveal the logo hiding in darkness. Often the most simple of concepts have the most room to play. The shadows and graphic gradients give both an air of mystery and wonder.

Look 02  ︎

Credits ︎

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Client: Vertigo Entertainment
Studio: Deva Studio
Creative Director - Suppasak Viboonlarp
Executive Producer - John Busenberg
Design: Sebastian Hoppe
Copyright ︎ 2018 SEBA INC.
Made in ︎ Venice, California