Detail: Kobe Bryant

Title Sequence Design
I had the honor of working alongside Kobe Bryant for his basketball analysis show Detail on ESPN+. Driven by his knowledge of the game, Kobe Bryant sets out to break down and analyze key games from the perspective of a NBA star player. Breaking down film play by play, while teaching the importance of details.

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Design ︎

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The Process  ︎


The concept focused on the creation of a basketball. The small details found only when a ball is your best friend, the tool from which you achieve your dreams. Material exploration was the first key element. From abstract materials of the inside lining of a ball to the iconic bumps on the surface.

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Credits ︎

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Client: Kobe Bryant, ESPN+
Studio: Granity Studio
Creative Director - Kobe Bryant
Art Director - Jake Bloch
Producer - Patricia Steely
Design: Sebastian Hoppe
Copyright ︎ 2020 SEBA INC.
Made in ︎ Venice, California