Death Note

Netflix Original Film
Working alongside Ben O’Meara and the team at Deva Studios we set out to capture the gory playfulness of the Death Note world. Driven by exploration, this project was hands down one of my favorites as of late. Shot practically, the main title was a science experiment gone right. Full of burning, melting and troubleshooting, and I am not talking about the computers.

Role ︎
Main Title, Live Action, Material exploration, Gaffer, Grip/Electric

The Process ︎

Burn, Melt, Shoot, Comp 

The vast lore of the Japanese manga left no lack of inspiration. Research and development was key in capturing the right chemical combination. We focused on material explorations; specifically the way two opposing elements combined to create chaos. Gas masks quickly became dress code around the office.

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The Stills ︎

A closer look

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Credits ︎

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Client: Netflix
Studio: Deva Studio
Creative Director:  Suppasak Viboonlarp
Art Director: Ben O’Meara
Animation: Ben O’Meara, Sebastian Hoppe
Executive Producer: John Busenberg
Producer: Ainslie Thomas
Special Thanks: Ni Kai, Brad Coldwell
Copyright ︎ 2020 SEBA INC.
Made in ︎ Venice, California